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May 10th, Update:
To this date, Japan Post is still temporarily suspended. For pre-orders that are finished, there is an alternative option. I have found a private shipping carrier that will ship overseas. The shipping rate for this is $35 (United States, Oceania) and $40 (Europe). Please note that the flat rate of $15 goes into the upgraded shipping should the customer choose that option. Therefore, the extra cost would be $20 USD for the US, Oceania and $25 USD for Europe.

Due to the lack of information to when Japan Post will ship again, I won’t provide this shipping upgrade until the pre-order has been finished! I will always contact the customer first and go over which option would be best. (Holding onto the package or upgrading the shipping.) Please keep this in mind before ordering. I will keep you updated and will be sure to communicate with everyone individually so that I can meet everyone’s wishes!

Thank you so much for understanding and continuing to support me and New Wonder!

Please stay well and safe!

- Cres

April 25th, Update: 

Last week Japan Post has announced that they will temporarily stop shipping to the US. Because of this, shipping itself is currently not possible until the suspension has lifted. Pre-orders are still available and can be purchased as they generally take 1-3 months due to a backlog of pre-orders. If you have any concerns about pre-orders or shipping, please contact us! 

Japan Post Announced on April 1st that is has temporarily suspended shipping to 153 countries with the exception of the US, UK, Canada and a few other countries. If you would like to know whether or not we can ship to your destination, please have a look at this list here: List of Countries

Please also note that shipping times to available countries are currently affected by the COVID-19 and will take longer than usual to reach your destination! Please allow the package a little more time to get to you! Thank you!

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